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Riverbed's Steelhead appliances provide the highest level of WAN performance across the broadest range of applications. Available in a wide range of sizes – all powered by the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) – Steelhead appliances are also the most scalable approach to application acceleration across your WAN.

Steelhead appliances come in a range of sizes to ensure that each of your offices has a properly sized acceleration appliance. The Steelhead 250 is meant for offices with just a few people; the 6000-series appliances can meet the needs of offices with ten to fifteen thousand users.  You can download the latest specification sheet here.

Riverbed has architected its products to provide the best possible acceleration for the broadest range of enterprise applications. This means that employees across your organization can see dramatic, immediate benefits from the Steelhead product family. 
The Steelhead family is built on an application-independent architecture that optimizes all TCP traffic for bandwidth utilization and TCP behavior. On top of this architecture, Riverbed has built a series of Application Streamlining modules that further optimize applications like Windows, Exchange, HTTP, HTTPS, NFS, and MS SQL.

          Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) 

           Consolidation and Virtualization


IT Consolidation at the Edge – Many organizations have widely implemented IT infrastructure consolidation measures to reap many of the well-known benefits: simplified management, lower costs, and improved data protection and resource utilization.  Despite these efforts, there are still services that must be delivered locally.


Local print, DNS, and DHCP are good examples of these types of "edge" services that defy many central consolidation efforts.  The enhanced Riverbed® Services Platform (RSP) provides customers with the capability to run up to five additional services and applications virtually on VMware in a protected partition on the Steelhead® appliance. This revolutionary approach allows customers to deploy local services in all their branch offices without the need to deploy and maintain full-blown servers to run the applications.


Consolidation and virtualization are hot trends in IT, helping businesses increase their flexibility and efficiency in delivering valuable services while reducing costs. The business benefits are minimizing the hardware needed at the branch office, enabling companies to consolidate IT operations even further, reducing costs, and simplifying administration, all while still delivering essential local services.

You can gather additional information on the Riverbed Services Platform by visiting their WEB site.  Here is the link that will take you there - RSP, or you may just want to download a brochure on this excellent solution - DOWNLOAD.

                               On the Move Performance

                                 Steelhead Mobile (RSP)


More and more of the workforce is going mobile. This is only creating bigger headaches for the IT department as end users expect the same level of application performance even when they are not at the office.

With Steelhead Mobile businesses can give mobile workers and small branch offices LAN-like access to critical business files and applications no matter where they are.  With a simple client software package installed transparently on their laptops or PCs, all of the powerful benefits of Steelhead RiOS are available to the end user.

Steelhead Mobile application acceleration works by interacting directly with a Steelhead appliance to optimize applications the same way in which Steelhead devices would work together.  At least one Steelhead Mobile Controller (SMC or SMC/VE) is required to monitor and manage Steelhead Mobile licensing.

For end users, applications and collaboration work exactly the same way, just with extremely faster performance.  No changes are required to your critical applications or the normal processes that workers are used to doing all the time.  IT managers and administrators do not need to make any changes to servers, routers, VPN infrastructure, or any of the other key technology in their enterprise.

Application Streamlining


CIFS - Microsoft file sharing, Office applications and numerous third-party applications benefit from Steelhead Mobiles ability to reduce application chattiness over the WAN. Typically 65% to 98% of packet roundtrips are eliminated all together, enabling acceleration of up to 100x faster.


MAPI - Microsoft Exchange emails as well as their attachments are dramatically accelerated. Riverbed is unique in its advanced support of MAPI and MAPI 2K3, providing impressive speeds to sending even the largest email.

HTTP - Steelhead Mobile enables Web-based applications to operate more effectively from any location.

Management Streamlining

Transparent deployment - Steelhead Mobile can be deployed in a fully-transparent mode, where users have no access to the Steelhead Mobile interface. In any mode, Steelhead Mobile is transparent to network connections, servers, VPN clients, and other software packages.

Robust support - Steelhead Mobile provides a number of tools for supporting deployments, such as email alerts, SNMP triggers, diagnostic snapshots, detailed logging, and more.

Central control and monitoring - With the Steelhead Mobile Controller, IT administrators have a single resource to manage deployments, upgrades, policies, and reporting. The Steelhead- Mobile Controller also manages licensing, and is a required component of the system.

To learn more you can visit the Riverbed site on STEELHEAD MOBILE, or you can download the BROCHURE.

               Faster WAN / Network Backup
                  for Better Data Protection

With the growing importance of data protection, enterprises are relying on WAN backup and replication to secure important files and data.  Network backup ensures that data can be safely protected at a distance to the primary site, but also introduces new performance challenges that require enterprises to seek out methods that accelerate WAN backup applications.

Riverbed's Wide-area Data Services (WDS) solutions transparently accelerate all backup and replication applications that utilize TCP.  Powered by the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS), Riverbed's approach can cut backup windows by typically 75% or more, and dramatically reduce WAN bandwidth utilization - typically by 60 to 95%.  This type of performance enables organizations to reliably and regularly complete network-based backup without interfering with other applications that require the WAN.

Utilizing a powerful set of tools that include special optimizations for high bandwidth-delay products (also known as Long Fat Networks), Riverbed enables accelerated network backup and faster replication across connections where there are no bandwidth constraints. This enables organizations to provide better data protection for primary data centers, where regular replication could not be completed as frequently as desired.

Riverbed's approach allows enterprises to continue using the WAN backup application of their choice. Riverbed's appliances will work with products from:

Ø      EMC

Ø      Network Appliance

Ø      Legato

Ø      Veritas

Ø      Tivoli

Ø      Microsoft

Ø      CommVault

Ø      DoubleTake



With these performance optimizations in place for faster data protection, organizations can dramatically change the way backup and replication tools are deployed.  Servers can be backed up over the WAN continuously, or near continuously; a secondary data center can use network backup to ensure that it has the most recent data possible in the event of a failover; and tape backup devices can be altogether eliminated from remote offices.

These changes allow businesses to reliably protect data, effectively respond in the face of disaster, dramatically cut costs associated with backup and replication, and streamline IT so that the technical staff can spend their time doing things other than managing backup processes.


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