Complete Digital Integration

Making Cents with BIM and VDC

Adding Value to Model Integration and Design Collaboration

Why isn’t anyone addressing Revit Collaboration
with remote offices and Partner firms??

Research shows:

Over 60% of firms using Revit say that 3-5 offices are involved in each project

Approximately 60% of firms using Revit say their design teams are between 50 and 500 miles apart

 Almost 70% of firms using Revit transfer their files via FTP sites, E-mail, or a Collaboration site such as Buzzsaw (the old file-centric workflow)

In this informative Webinar - you will learn:

How to work with remote project teams, using Revit products 

Store and work with the Central File as though all team members were in the same room
Eliminate model distribution to remote serversWork with Trusted Partners in a Collaborative environment Webinar Dates: